Making Dogs Happy

Reviews from Some of Our Wonderful Clients

Luis was the most incredible human and dog walker to ever enter my life. He is family and treated my absolutely crazy dog like his own. The amount of dependable that he delivers is beyond words. My dog and I miss Luis tremendously and wish he would move to Miami!!!!! Greatest dog walker/dog sitter in the history of ever! And just a great person in general 😄
I have a 3 year old German Sheppard And have been using happy walky doggy for just over a year.The utopian situation, as far as I'm concerned, when looking for this type of service is to be able to find somebody that treats you pet like it's their own.Luis is that person. Stars or accolades wouldn't begin to paint the picture of what a great person he is. He's carrying, compassionate, and flexible.if you have a scheduling conflict he goes out of his way to accommodate. I consider him more then my dog walker.he has becoming friend to the whole family.
Luis is the best! I know this because Dori greets him at the door with enthusiasm and lots of wagging when he picks her up for walks. Dori has a great time running around with her pup pals and playing fetch. When she returns, Dori is happy and exhausted. Dori is way more responsive to the “come” command since Luis started taking her on outings. Luis is a true lover of dogs and a very kind person.
Luis was referred to us about four years ago by a friend and has been taking our Golden Retriever, Brazi, out for his daily walks ever since. Luis is punctual, has his own leashes and even doggie raincoats, and returns Brazi after his romps clean and most importantly, exhausted. We are happy to recommend Luis and are so grateful to know Brazi is in great care.
We met Luis when we were trying to recall our pup, Milo, at the park. We were struggling since Milo didn’t listen to us at all. Then Luis saw us and asked if we needed his help, and it was like magic. He just called Milo once he came back right away. Ever since then we call Luis “the dog whisper”. Every time we are away, Milo stays with his step dad, Luis. Our whole family is happy even though we are separated. We trust Luis and appreciate his sincere love towards Milo. All of my friends and neighbors that I've introduced Luis to have thanked us so much!
Luis is the true dog whisperer. We found Luis through her friend Milo! Izzy was mesmerized from Day 1 and it has been almost 4 years. Izzy waits patiently every day looking out the window or standing at the gate knowing Luis will be showing up soon to take her on a walk! Luis is reliable and trustworthy with my beloved pet. I know my Izzy is in the best hands when he has her on a walk, an all day visit, or overnight stays! We are so grateful to have Luis in our lives! Happy Dog, Happy Life!

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